Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Oscar the Owl and Pals

Oscar the Owl is a character I have developed exclusively for Cardmaking and Papercraft, and he features in the July Issue with his woodland pals in a 14 piece stamp set! The CMP crafters came up with some lovely card make ideas using this stamp set featured in the mag...


  1. Is there anyway I can purchase a set of Oscar the Owl and pals stamp set, I'm a subscriber to the magazine and would love to have this set. I can be contacted at
    bjackola@verizon.net or barbjack63@gmail.com
    Thank you
    Barbara Jackola

    1. Hi Barbara,
      thanks so much for your message! I'm afraid the copyright of the Oscar the owl and pals stamps belongs to immediate media so to find out that info you would have to contact the editor of the magazine they came as a cover gift with.
      Try sienna.parulis-cook@immediate.co.uk as she is editor of Cardmaking & Papercraft Magazine and should be able to help answer your question!
      Best wishes and happy card making! Jenny