Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Dolland & Devaux

Dolland & Devaux is a gifting range that was released in Tesco over the Christmas period, and some items are still available to purchase online. It included all sorts of gifting items, like this mini sewing kit above, and toiletry bags, knitwear, stationery, kitchen and gardening gifts. Attached are some of my favourites from the range. I helped to design this range from the floral and knitwear patterns, through to product and packaging. It's really great to see the products finally come to life!


  1. Wow these are lovely patterns. I particularly like the purple plaid. Where did the brand name Dolland & devaux originate from?

  2. Thanks Whooz, glad you like them! Dolland & Devaux was a brand name a supplier I worked with thought of, so I'm afraid I'm not entirely sure of the origin of it. I seem to remember a mention of them being surnames of grandmas within the office!