Monday, 13 August 2012

Summertime Papers

Cardmaking and Papercraft have given away a summertime luxury paper collection with this month's magazine, below are a few snippets from the book that I designed...


  1. Hi Jenny

    Bought the magazine and loved your prints! Wanted to find out a bit more hence the visit to your blog. Can't wait to make something with them.


  2. Loved these prints and have just used some on my latest card....(I know I've had them nearly a year but didn't want to cut into them!) Gave you a link, hope that's okay

  3. I know this is from 2012 but I am desperate to find this summertime design by jenny Elliot hopefully in card but the paper will do nicely as well. Anyone out there that can help me please

    1. Hi Caroleve, these exact papers are not available to purchase in the format they came with this magazine, but you might be pleased to know that Penny Black Inc. are now selling them as a designer paperpad 'Golden Moment' and all the papers in this blog post are part of the set among others from the 'Summertime' luxury paper collection. Here is a link to the paperpad and the first link that came up to buy them when I googled it: but I'm sure there are many other shops that sell the paperpad. Hope that helps and happy crafting!