Friday, 10 February 2012

Swimwear, underwear and nightwear...

I just took a look at F+F Clothing online at Tesco and found quite a few of my designs starting to come into store. They don't put all the designs online, and it's only by chance that I might see them in store as our nearest Tesco is a long drive from here! Below are some girls 'rag doll' pyjamas and cheeky monkey 2pk boy short briefs I worked on.

I designed a mermaid character for girls swimwear and it features on a costume a sunsafe and will also feature on a keppi hat. For boys I did skulls and funky geckos on their 2pk trunks!...


  1. All are luvly,but really really liking the skulls & monkey.Well done :o) x

  2. Wow...even more lovely work! Lookin good!