Saturday, 11 December 2010

I LOVE Christmas!

Bath Christmas Market has been on for 2 weeks here, and the atmosphere is always lovely (but a little too cold this year!). I love wondering around the huts with a mulled wine, trying cheeses and spirits, and often end up with something I don't need like a tree decoration or this year- some Russian Santas!! How cute are they though?...
We also picked out and decorated our tree this week, and I wanted to share some of the decorations I collected last year- a little group of owls and a hedgehog made from pine cones and wood. I absolutely love these and they look very at home on our tree!
I had a recent visit to London, and whilst I am on the Christmas theme, I thought I'd share this great photo I took of the Christmas window display at Selfridges. Their theme this year is bright and colourful toys, and this fun window was one of my faves!!

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  1. Love the owl Jenny, and that window ... I think it would have been a load of fun dressing that window! jennyx