Friday, 12 November 2010

Eye Eye!

I'm not a fan of horror movies and don't really watch them, so when it comes to Halloween, I never understand people's costumes based on the movies! My outfits are usually a little less scary and harmless, but I try to be creative inspired this year by the Vision Express adverts we came up with the concept of going to a party as two eyeballs!!
With two inflatable pumpkins (as surprisingly beach balls are out of season in October!) we firstly covered them with brown stretching tape, then covered with a layer of plaster gauze, we let them dry out overnight before perfecting our eyeball painting! We cut away the pupil and covered with a layer of black mesh fabric so that we could see, and cut out a drinking hole (essential). The only problem we hadn't thought of was that even when shouting, people couldn't hear us!

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