Sunday, 19 July 2009

Origami Love

I have really got into origami lately and have taken to decorating the house with it! I found a tutorial online which shows you how to make these beautiful kusudama flowers with step by step instructions. If you collect and hoard interesting papers like me, you could put them to some good use- it's a really interesting way of recycling.
They would look lovely stuck to a present or gift bag, or lots of them in a bowl on a sideboard.
I however, think they make a lovely addition to my vase!

I also tried out an origami 'shirt' card for my dad's birthday. These instructions show you how to make the shape, but I personalised mine with buttons and a pocket, and slipped a piece of card under the back collar which made it stand up. I wrote the greeting on the underside of that piece of card. I thought it worked well...


  1. Hey Jenny!
    Your Blog is lovely...very pretty pictures and I love those peg bags.
    Look forward to seeing more of your crafty projects xx

    xxSam xx